Just a Few (Real)  Reviews From Satisfied Customers – more on file

I needed someone with integrity and knowledge to irretrievably wipe out all data on my old laptop’s hard drive, remove and hand me the hard drive, and recycle what was left of the laptop. Clara Kung at All Digital Computer & Wireless accepted the computer, chatted with me sociably, and called me a few days later when the work was finished.
Ann W.

Impressed with the service and care I was getting, I asked them to install an external hard dive (originally reserved for the data recovery/transfer I hoped would happen) in my wife’s computer. For only the cost of parts, Nathan worked almost 1.5 hours AFTER CLOSING to configure the drive, troubleshoot cabling problems, partitioning, etc to finally get the system running perfectly. He then spent about a half hour explaining how they could save us about $70/mo over our cable service via satellite service that they sell. We will be doing more business with them soon! I could not be more impressed with Alldigital. I would give these folks 10 stars if I could! You just don’t get this level of service anymore. And at fair prices to boot. Goodbye to big box!

Jim L.


THANKS All Digital for making my computer free from crapola! I am so glad that I went to ya’ll. I am sure that I could have gone to someone that would have only taken 2 days to fix it but I am not worried about that because it gave me a break from writing reviews and looking at ebay for a 5 days! (I feel so relaxed). Robert was very helpful and I would go there again. I like to stay in my neighborhood for stuff like this. So glad I didn’t go to the big dudes!
Jana N.